Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yaki's party at the park

We had so much fun at the park today! Yaki's playmates Ai-ai, Jerome and Pot-pot came to play with the birthday boy. Here are some photos but the lovelier ones were taken by Kuya Mack with his Nikon D40 (inggit si Juju). You may view a slideshow of Kuya Mack's lovely photos here.

Yaki's birthday was also attended by Pao, Mayang and Kulas and Ninong Tonyo (also Nina and her sister and two of Yaki's mom's officemates).

But where is Tomas? He was left at home since he volunteered to sleep all day and besides, everyone was worried that he'd be bored to death with so much goings on. Getting rough and dirty isn't really Tomas's thing.

Well here are the pictures...

Tawie gave me a remote-controlled car!!!

Testing the car. Please excuse Yaki's lack of proper clothing.

Yaki with Kulas, Mayang's son and Juju's godson.

Pao and Yaki's Ninong Tonyo while we were at Starbucks after the picnic.

Posted by Juju on behalf of Tomas.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Yaki is 6!

Hi! Our boy Yaki turns six today! Here are some pictures while he opens Juju's present at exactly 12 midnight of Feb 16! More pictures tomorrow when we have a picnic in the park!

Happy birthday Yaki! We love you!

Posted by Juju on behalf of Tomas

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Tomas's first video

Nothing fancy here, just testin' Juju's new phone. Nokia E61i's 2 megapixel camera isn't bad. Ninong Tonyo helped Juju find the perfect phone. You can read about their phone craze here Tomas will showcase his new tricks on his next video, meantime enjoy watching him here!

Posted by Juju on behalf of Tomas.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Meet my pet boy Yaki

Hi y'all! I've been very busy playing around the house lately. I have some new photos I'd like to share with you all. I'd like you to meet my pet boy Yaki. He is about to turn 6 in a couple of weeks and his reading is improving by the day. I'm so proud of him!

Teaching me some fake smile here. His fingers are salty from all the Boy Bawang we ate. EWWWW.

I think this boy has a future in wrestling.

Apologies. I look like a rag doll here.
And my paws are very dirty!
I need a shower! Someone give me a showerrrrrr!

The trouble with being cute is you get squeezed like this all the time.

My pet Yaki and I, we can stay in this position for hours.
He likes carrying me around like this.

The two of us while watching cartoons. Yaki's tummy is the best.

Ang taba ng daliri mo Yaki.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hi! Kumusta ka? Ako si Tomas. Ang bertdey ko ay July 18, 2007. Kuting pa lang ako.

Meet my friend Pogi, mabait sya at maginoo. Tinuruan nya akong magbukas ng pinto mag-isa.

Ito po ang bahay namin sa Tarlac. Dito po ako sa veranda madalas tumambay. Sa bandang kaliwa ko ay may stationary bike na di ko magamit kasi di ako makaakyat.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi! Ito na ang paanan ng stationary bike. Pinag-aaralan ko kung
pano aakyat.

Ito ang langit ko, ang matatabang hita ni Joo. Nasa tumba-tumba kami neto.

Ayan ang stationary bike ko, mga kaibigan. Ipinatong lang
ako dito ni Joo. Di ako makababa.

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Persdey ko sa bahay ni Joo. Nakakaantok ang byahe from Pasig.
Kasama ko sa pic si Yaki, yung alaga kong bata.

Ang taba ng batang to.

Sori naman, antok na antok lang talaga ako.

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Gusto kong pumasok sa loob ng bahay pero closed ang door.

Haba ng buntot ko no? Pag good mood ako, pwede
mo hawakan to.

Sa pic na to ay nakatanaw ako sa mga punong mangga.
Dun kase nakatali si Gerry, ang german shepherd na
na di makali pag nakikita ako. Sa totoo lang, mukha
syang tanga. Tamad pati maligo yun.

Ito ang napakalaking airbed na tinutulugan namin sa bahay pag andito si Joo. Tabi-tabi kami- Ako, si Joo, si Yaki at yung kapatid nyang si
Aubrey na tuwang tuwa ko tuwing sumasayaw ako sa tyan nya.

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Very tight shot huh? Kita ang pores ko!

Joo, tama na ang kaka-pichur at paparatangan akong bading at vain neto.
C'omon get a life.

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Tomas has a way with women

The day I took Tomas home, my sister sent a barrage of protests via SMS saying that she wouldn't take a cat for a pet and that made me very nervous. Tomas couldn't possible stay in my apartment because he will die of loneliness and starvation because I'm hardly found at home. My strategy was to sneak the cat in my sister's house in the guise of a Christmas present for my nephew. This is going to be the first time that we will have a family pet! And a cat! There was gong to be some adjustments but Tomas and I will survive this one (I get dramatic at this point, really).

Peejay put Tomas in the box where his rice cooker had been. I did not realize how clever this move was until I came knocking at the door and my sister-- seeing that I had a box that might have a brand new rice cooker that could replace their newly broken one-- let me in in one single and graceful stroke. I dashed inside the house, called my nephew to the living room and I ceremoniously open the box and booom, out Tomas went jumping on my nephew's lap. I proclaim Merry Christmas and at this point and my sister is narrowing her eyes and accusing me of treachery. Hell yeah but it's too late to send the cat back into the box and throw us out. My nephew Yaki is already dancing with delight and planning games with his new cat (which is in reality my cat haha!).

We all sleep on a big air bed whenever I spend the night at my sister's and Tomas, smart as he is had a plan I was not aware of. My scheming cat. Tomas, bold and courageous, walked to where my sister is lying like a benign piece of meat. He steps on her tummy and does some moves very similar to cha-cha. Back and forth, back and forth he danced, really enjoying it to the point that he is closing his eyes sometimes. All this time, my sister's mouth is open and she lay there paralyzed by Tomas' candor and maybe, for the first time, she is seeing how handsome my Tomas is and she is deeply sorry for refusing to have my boy in our mother's house.

My sister must have realized that she looked like a total idiot and decided to laugh like her lungs were going to swell for the next 3 days, she took Tomas to her chest and hugged him. Now, every time that Tomas catches my sister lying down, he instantly pounces on her fat tummy and dances his cha-cha, which we realized he does exclusively to my sister.

Smart cat, what can I say? Genius, even. Tomas must have taken after me. Charm, wit goodlooks. But of course.

Posted by Juju on behalf of Tomas

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Finding Tomas

It might have been December 8, I am not so sure, but I was planning on walking the streets of Manila with a fat checking account, thanks to the 13th month pay that arrived early. The day before, my fried Aye bugged me on IM about going to Pasig for reasons I did not fully understand until we were already in Pasig , lost and talking on the phone to some phantom guy giving us directions to meet him at a waiting shed.

A guy in khaki pants with a broad smile and unbelievably beautiful biceps, welcomed us and led us to his house which is almost a block away from the shed. Nice butt, I thought as Aye and I trailed behind this gorgeous man whose name I now recall is Peejay.

Peejay has a modest but clean and homey apartment which opens from a little stair case that you have to climb before you can truly say that you are inside his apartment. Ascending the staircase and lost in my thoughts on getting the red watch I was itching to buy for months now, it dawned in me what Aye came to the apartment for: she was going to see the cats that hunky Peejay was selling! (Yes she is insane over cats, stray cats included). Ok, one cat parades before us--that one Peejay calls Cola, brown and proud looking, then another--a white one--and it jumps to Aye's chest like it was trained all its life to do just that. The cat crazy woman I used to call a friend just some minutes past now goes into a trance and she began to exist for that white creature alone. Now I am annoyed. What was I supposed to do in this cat populated environment? I, who have asthma. I, who have to suffer sleepless nights because a couple of stray cats decided to make out outside my bedroom window and they are letting out intriguing sounds!

While in the middle of my eye-rolling frenzy, I noticed Peejay's Christmas tree shaking, and in split seconds, something flew over my chest and said "meow". I close my eyes, preparing to get bitten and scratched into bloody little pieces and by now, I am preparing to scold Aye. This is cat attack but where is the bite and where are the evil claws, just a meow? And meow again?

When I looked, I understood that his gentle eyes are asking me to explain why I am afraid to death. He moves his paws on my chest. Is he checking if I was having a heart attack? No, it was not heart attack; I am smitten and I knew that after a long time, I am in love again. Can I take you home, I asked. Meow. He was mine from that point on.

How do you like being called Tomas? Meow. Tomas it is.

Posted by Juju on behalf of Tomas

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